Aerodynamics A

Course code: AE1-020 I [Old course]

Formula Overview Grade: 5

  • Aerodynamics Formula Overview (150kb)


    The most important aerodynamics equations have been bonded in two pages. Use this file for the last hours of studying before your exam.

Summary Grade: 6.4

Lost yourself in all the aerodynamics equations? Use the summaries below to get a clear overview of all the data.

  • Relations between height, pressure and temperature (54kb)
    This file contains all formulas about relationships between pressure, air density, temperature and height.
  • Coninuity Equation and Bernoulli's Equation (56kb)
    The derivations and variations of the continuity equation and Bernoulli's equation can be found here. Also Bernoulli's equation of curved flow has been added.
  • Enthalpy, Specific Heat and Isentropic Flows (56kb)
    Definitions, derivations and more data about enthalpy, specific heat and isentropic flows can be found in this file.
  • Applications of the Mach number (61kb)
    All data about the Mach Number can be found in this file, including calculations about the speed of sound.
  • Flow types caused by viscous effects (61kb)
    Boundary layer thickness, skin friction coefficients, and drag calculations about both the laminar as the turbulent flow have been summarized in this file. Also the definition of the Reynolds number is present.
  • Coefficients and supersonic flows (75kb)
    Especially the pressure coefficient, but also a lot of other coefficients are introduced and used in this file. A short part about shock waves is also present.
  • Drag and 3D wings (59kb)
    Drag formulas for 2d wings are summarized, before we switch to induced drag and other things that get caused by 3d wings.
  • Dimensional analysis (77kb)
    This file contains an explanation of Dimensional Analysis, including an explanation and example of using the Buckingham Pi-Theorem.
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Introduction To Flight Book Solutions Grade: 6.1


The files below contain some of the book solutions of the book Introduction to Flight, by Anderson. However, they are the solutions of the fourth edition of the book. But, although this is not the edition that is being used by this course, the files below may still be helpful.