Old course code: WI1276LR - New course code: WI1401LR & WI1402LR

Calculus Summary Grade: 8

The files below summarize the Calculus course. They are based on the book by Stewart (6th edition). After studying the book, read through these summaries and you'll remember everything a lot better.

Formula and Data Overview Grade: 7.8

The files below contain an overview of all the data that needs to be known by heart for the exam. It comes in handy to check whether you know all the important parts, and also as a last revision of all data before the exam.

  • Formula and Data Overview - Period 1 (64kb)
    Overview of data discussed in the first half of semester 1. Subjects are basic differentiation/integration, complex numbers and basic differential equations.
  • Formula and Data Overview - Period 2 (73kb)
    Overview of data discussed in the second half of semester 1. Subjects are series convergence/divergence, power series, vectors and vector functions.
  • Formula and Data Overview - Period 3 (64kb)
    Overview of data discussed in the first half of semester 2. Subjects are functions of multiple variables and multiple integrals.
  • Formula and Data Overview - Period 4 (83kb)
    Overview of data discussed in the second half of semester 2. Subjects are three-dimensional integrals, parametric surfaces, vector fields and vector field theorems.
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Summary of Formulas Grade: 7.7

The file below contains an overview of the formulas discussed in the calculus course. It is similar to the Formula and Data Overview above. However, it does cover more subjects.

Lectures Grade: 7.3

The MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has recorded a lot of their courses and put them online. You can find them at:
Or, to find the mathematics courses right away, check out:
It may be hard to figure out which of their courses correspond to which of the DUT's courses. It helps if you just click on a course name and see what it's about.

Khan Academy Lectures Grade: 8.8

The Khan academy tries to create and upload as many videos as possible, explaining things ranging from elementary mathematics, to advanced scientific stuff. They also have a good couple of videos on Calculus subjects. Find them on:

Engineering Mathematics Exam Grade: 6.8

Below is an Engineering Mathematics example exam from the Bristol Institute of Technology. If you want to practice some additional mathematics and linear algebra skills, have a look at it.

Important Calculus Sections Grade: 6.4

This Excel file might come in handy for people that are short in time for studying. It shows about which book sections questions were asked during the exam. Data from several previous years have been incorporated.

Trigonometric Circle Grade: 4

Do you have trouble remembering the derivatives/integrals of sines and cosines? The trigonometric circle below vizualizes what these derivatives/integrals are.

Book Solutions Grade: 8.3

To master the art of Calculus well, you need to practice a lot. In the Calculus book are plenty of questions. And if you run into a problem you can't solve, you can look up the solutions. Clicking on the chapter names will show/hide the files in it.