Aircraft Structural Analysis

Old course code: AE2522 - New course code: AE2211

Summary Grade: 6.3

The important parts of the book Aircraft Structures for Engineering Students by T.H.G. Megson have been summarized in the files below. Due to a shortage in time, the summary was made rather hasty. It therefore hasn't gotten the editing that summaries on this website normally get. (If you find any parts that are either wrong, or very unclear, please contact us.)

  • Basic Equations (176kb)
    Before we start calculating, we need to look at some basic equations. The equations in this chapter govern the stress in every structure you can think of.
  • Stress Functions (70kb)
    One way to apply the basic equations is by using stress functions. Learn more about stress functions by reading this file.
  • Bending, Shear and Torsion (90kb)
    How do we deal with bending moments, shear forces and torsion? You can find it all in here.
  • Application of Theory to Aircraft (73kb)
    Time to put theory into practice. How can we apply the equations we have learned to aircraft? Read it in this final chapter.
Full Version
  • Aircraft Structural Analysis Summary - Full Version (260kb)


    All above files in one single file.

Stress E-book Grade: 7

  • Stress E-book website
    A nice resource to learn more about aircraft stress/structural analysis is the Stress E-book. Part of it is paid, but a part of it is free and can provide some nice additional information for people interested in the subject.

Lecture Notes Grade: 4.3

Two persons have made notes of Aircraft Structural Analysis lectures and scanned them. Those notes can now be found on this website. Both notes originate from the lectures series of the year 2007.

Book Solutions Grade: 8

The questions of the book Aircraft Structures by T.H.G. Megson (Fourth Edition) have been worked out in a manual. You can find it below.