Latex is a system/language that is used to manage the layout of (mostly scientific) articles and files. It's quite hard to escape it during your studies, so it is recommended that you learn it. This page has some useful files for learning and using Latex.

The Not So Short Introduction To Latex

This file below is a well-known introduction to Latex. For a basic understanding of Latex, you should read the first 3 chapters of it.

The Not So Short Introduction To Latex

LyX - An editor for Latex

When using Latex, you'll need an editor to write your Latex code in. Usual options are TeXnicCenter and WinEdt, but another great option and lesser known program is LyX. You might want to check it out.

LyX - The Document Processor

Thesis Templates

Looking for a way to make your MSc thesis look good? Then you've found it here! This file contains a template for an MSc thesis at the Delft University of Technology. It also contains some examples on how to deal with symbols, references, figures and such. This file is (almost) a must for any DUT thesis writer.

LaTeX Thesis Template LyX Thesis Template