Linear Algebra


There are a bunch of videos of professors explaining basic Linear Algebra concepts on the Math Faculty's youtube channel. If you click on the playlist button at the top right of the video, you can scroll through all the videos. Link to the youtube playlist


These summaries are written by past students and provide an overview of all topics covered in the course.

☆ 30 Page Summary by Michele Facchinelli (1. Feb 2017) - 522 clicks Long, Detailed Summary (60 pages) by David C. Lay - 299 clicks 20 Page Summary by Hildo Bijl - 200 clicks Short summary of the first half of the quarter by the teachers - 191 clicks Short summary of the second half of the course by the teachers - 162 clicks Handwritten Summary by Miguel Angel Saez (1. Jun 2017) - 9 clicks


The formula sheets below provide an overview of the equations used in this course.

Linear Algebra Formulas - 376 clicks


The following books and solution manuals can provide additional study material.

Solutions to the third edition Linear Algebra book - 332 clicks

Last Update: 20. Aug 2018