Calculus I-A


These summaries are written by past students and provide an overview of all topics covered in the course.

Extensive Summary of Calculus IA and IB by Bram Peerlings (12. Jan 2010) - 2393 clicks Complete Summary of Calculus I-A by Alan Hanrahan (20. Jul 2021) - 408 clicks


These resources might help you.

Khan Academy Calculus Videos (this site can teach you the whole course!)MIT OpenCourseWare


A collection of past papers.

Old Calculus Exam from the University of Bristol (2010) - 939 clicks Solutions to Calculus Exam from the University of Bristol (2010) - 328 clicks


The formula sheets below provide an overview of the equations used in this course.

Formula Sheet for Calculus IA (2009) - 908 clicks Formula Sheet, first quarter of Calculus - 466 clicks

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